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Welcome to Dorrinkam

The story of Dorrinkam

Our concern has always been to build a strong and direct bridge between the farm and the final consumer tablecloth. After years of research and study, we have come to the conclusion that by creating a safe route between the green fields of Iran and the final consumer, the best product can be delivered to our compatriots’ table in the fastest way and the first-class Iranian product will have the potential to become global. We decided to take a big step towards the lofty idea and goal of supporting domestic production and supporting the ultimate consumer. By producing and supplying high-quality products, we were able to gain the trust of our customers. Today, Dorrinkam Food Industries products are recognized as a reputable brand worldwide. By offering a natural taste of the best farms in Iran, we bring fresh and organic products to your tablecloth

Providing world-class quality in Dorrinkam Food Industries

Dorrinkam Food Industries has tried to approach global standards by using international and domestic standards and making distinctions in design and packaging. Because we believe that the Iranian product should have a very great position in the region and the world, and this could not be done except by approaching global standards. The Dorrinkam Food Industries Co. has been certified by BQS International UK.

Preparation of organic and natural ingredients for cooking

Nowadays, the preparation of organic and natural ingredients for cooking is of particular importance. The taste of food and its properties depend more than anything on fresh and good ingredients. Dorrinkam Food Industries Company guarantees the health and quality of the raw materials you need by providing a variety of beans and spices. Dorrinkam Co. products are harvested from the best farms in Iran and packaged after passing quality control courses and enter the market. One of the main products of Dorrinkam Company, which has been able to gain its position in the Iranian market and among the people, is the packaged grains. Join us to learn more about Dorrinkam Co. products by the end of this article

Types of products produced by the Dorrinkam Food Industries Co

Dorrinkam Company produces a variety of products in an effort to maintain customer satisfaction. These products are sold not only in the Iranian market but also in the global market. Unparalleled quality and affordable price have made the products produced by Dorrinkam Co. have many customers. Here are some of Dorrinkam Food Industries Company’s products

: Iranian tea-

Iranian tea with original aroma and taste, produced with the best quality and without chemical additives, is one of the most popular products of Dorrinkam Food Industries. By producing the best Iranian tea and exporting it to other countries, Dorrinkam Company has introduced the taste and aroma of Iranian tea to many people around the world

: A variety of packaged spices: Thyme Shirazi, curry, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, and red pepper-

:Soy –

Dorrinkam Food Industries Co. produces and sells the best-packaged soybeans. Soy is in the diet of most people in the world. Soy contains more protein than meat and also is lower in fat than meat. These benefits make soya a rich source of protein in the diet of most people around the world

Buy grains in packages

In recent years, people’s lifestyles, as well as living standards, have changed a lot. But today, due to the increase in awareness and advancement of science, there is a tendency to buy more packaged grains. Packaged grains are available in a variety of forms, as well as in a variety of packages in stores and hypermarkets. The main advantage of buying beans in packaging is the observance of health protocols. The products produced and packaged in the company must meet global health standards. In addition, packaged grains are much easier to buy and store. But apart from health issues, quality is also very important. Packaged grains also have specific product and brand specifications. Therefore, the customer will be sure of the quality of the purchased product by purchasing from a specific brand and if he is satisfied the next time he would purchase the products of this brand. Dorrinkam Food Industries Company strives to satisfy customers around the world by providing high-quality products

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